Our Company

AL-Nozha Medical, is a leading regional distributor in the GCC and MENA regions for medical devices, targeting niche markets, for weight loss management. It was founded in 1990 in Saudi Arabia, with the launching of bariatric endoscopy and surgery. The company is known for introducing new, non-invasive, and effective approaches to weight loss that disrupted the traditional ways of performing weight-loss treatments.

Under the company’s strong foundation AL-Nozha Medical managed to enter additional categories such as Neurosurgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, while expanding to the UAE and other nearby regions.


AL-Nozha Medical is dedicated in providing top notch, innovative, user-friendly, and safe medical devices to its customer base in the GCC and MENA regions. 

With more than 30 years of experience, the company constantly aims at maintaining quality and ethics in its business practices for the wellbeing of the patients and the overall community.


Thriving to become a pioneer distributor of high end, niche medical devices and equipment, in the MENA and Gulf Regions.


While aiming to become a world class leader in disrupting the healthcare industry by continuously introducing new technological advancements, as a means in exceeding customer’s expectations and changing lives.



Our curious nature enables us to get creative in our approach of exploring new medical devices in various domains. 

Our passion pushes our curiosity into creativity, to come across a distinctive approach and address healthcare challenges. 


Our team is in constant search of products that are minimally invasive to maximize patient safety, enhance patient outcome, and change lives ethically.


AL-Nozha team works closely with medical practitioners by offering educational and training programs, for the
safe and effective use of our devices.


Disruption is at the core of our values, as the nature of our work resides in providing innovative devices and life-changing products.