Orbera 365 is a 12 months balloon
Orbera is a 6 months balloon, FDA approved, and sold outside the USA under the name BIB.

Orbera® is a medical grade, saline filled, FDA approved, gastric balloon made of silicone, that occupies space in the stomach to help patients feel fuller, and control the amount of food intake, without the need of undergoing surgery.

Orbera® is the world’s #1 intragastric balloon that’s proven to help patients lose 3.1x of their initial weight, more than diet & exercise combined can do, while helping them maintain that weight loss.

Patients can choose between a 6 months balloon (BIB) or 1 year balloon (Orbera 365), carried out by a follow-up program by the specialist.

A safe and non-surgical weight-loss program with 20-years experience and over 300,0003 balloons distributed worldwide. 

-FDA Approved
-Voted #1 Balloon in global market share for intra-gastric balloon

Orbera has been designated from the FDA as a breakthrough device to treat NAFLD/NASH: Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

Orbera is the only intragastric balloon proven to have an induced impact on NAFLD/NASH according to the FDA study:

-65% of patients achieved resolution of NASH
-80% of patients had a ≥2 point improvement in NAFLD activity score.
-15% had tissue evidence indicating regression of fibrosis (scarring)

Data evaluated by Mayo Clinic